Sewing day - 28 January

Foto door Luc Dengis - Ria aan haar naaimachineAt all of our rehearsals, our female members wear a practice skirt. Why? Because the use of a skirt during dancing contributes a great deal to the proud posture of a female folkloric dancer. And it was high time for a breath of fresh air in that department. With the introduction of our new stage costumes, we quickly realised our practice skirts needed replacing. A while later, our Costume work group took initiative and provided all materials needed to make brand new skirts. 

Things got real on 28 January. Sewing day. About a dozen of our members fringed, stitched and sewed the entire day in order to create 16 skirts in the most vibrant colours. Fit for all of our female members, be they slim or somewhat wider in the waist region. 

Curious about the course of our sewing day? Take a peak in the photo gallery