Easter Festival

Logo van de PaasfeestenDance colours springtime! That's the slogan of the Leuven Easter festival, an international folklore event which has been an essential part of the Easter hollidays ever since 1975. At least for those who have to do with the Flemish folklore scene. 

Each year, you have the chance to enjoy traditional dance and music from all over Europe. The festival crew tries, with every single edition, to invite other foreign groups to come show what they're made of. They perform in the streets of Leuven and in "De Rijschool", a hall in the city center. It's the ideal occasion to get a taste of folkloric traditions in other cultures. 

If you are a member of a folkloric dancing group yourself, you can also apply to participate in the Easter festival via this link. And don't hesitate to take a look at their website or facebook page

Foto door 't Havermeuleke - Spandoek Paasfeesten

The festival programme always looks a bit like this: 

  • Friday: performance for the elderly; 
  • Saturday: procession through the city with afterwards performances by all the groups in front of the city hall and the Easter egg throw for the little ones to finish; 
  • Saturday evening: folk ball with introductions to several dances by the Flemish as well as the foreign groups; 
  • Easter Sunday: Easter Mass (in folkloric costume for us); 
  • en Easter Monday: the big spectacle. 

For more information, you can also contact the Easter festival team by e-mail: onthaal@paasfeestenleuven.be

Foto door 't Havermeuleke - Vendelzwaaien