Folk ball

For us, the beginning of November is the time of our annual folk ball. What does that mean for our group?

Friday evening, we make sure that we are fully prepared and that our space is ball-worthy. First, we take care of the more physical labour, such as dragging tables and chairs to where they need to be. Then we get a little creative when we decorate everything in line with the theme. Once all that is ready, we head to the bowling alley to try and score some strikes. The traditional reward for our hard work.

Saturday evening, it’s showtime! Doors open for members, friends and family, the musicians tune up their instruments and dance cards are exchanged to ensure that one has the perfect partner for their favorite dance. The entire evening is all about dancing and friendship. With all the different groups that are present each year, one can see a few variations of certain dances, which can sometimes cause confusion, but above all great hilarity. But fear not! Our ball is not just for experienced dancers. It is also the ideal occasion for beginners to get acquainted with the wonderful world of folkloric dancing.

While the autumn makes it dark and chilly outside, all those present get to enjoy the warm atmosphere inside while sipping from a cup of our homemade soup. At the end of each ball, we sing the typical evening song together and then we can only wait until the next edition.


5 November - Heilige-Drievuldigheidscollege Leuven

Entrance via the parking on the square (Damiaanplein) at the back of the building.